Created by legislation in February 2005, the Greenbelt protects our countryside from urban development and sprawl and encourages sustainable growth within surrounding cities. The Greenbelt’s locally grown food, clean water resources, climate-regulating forests, and incredible biodiversity makes it vital to preserving the quality of life in southern Ontario.

The Greenbelt for Health booklet series has been developed by Ontario Nature and the Ontario College of Family Physicians to help Ontarians understand the benefits of smart urban planning and natural-areas protection for promoting healthy lifestyles.

Topics in the series include:

Greenbelt, Naturally Greenbelt Naturally
How the Greenbelt protects our air, water and wildlife

Ontario's Greenbelt is an important source of clean air and clean water for millions of people in Southern Ontario. It protects important foodlands while also providing important habitat for wildlife. [ more ]

Getting Active in the Greenbelt Getting Active in the Greenbelt
Keeping fit and healthy by exploring the Greenbelt

As a 720,000-hectare (1.8 million acre) protected green space on the doorstep of the country's largest urban area, Ontario's Greenbelt is a tremendous resource for anyone looking to stay active and stay healthy. [ more ]

Getting Active in the Greenbelt Good Things Grow Here
Digging into the Greenbelt’s fresh food basket

The Greenbelt is Ontario's fresh food basket. With more than 7,000 farms operating on over a million acres (400,000 hectares) of some of the country's best farmland, the Greenbelt is a great source for healthy, fresh foods. And fresh, local food is where it is at when it comes to both nutrition and flavour. [ more ]

Healthy Perspectives Healthy perspectives
Keeping a healthy mental outlook by exploring the Greenbelt

Doctors are increasingly pointing to the value of natural surroundings in keeping our mental outlook bright. The fourth booklet in our series looks in more detail at the mental health benefits of spending time in natural areas like those in the Greenbelt and how it can make our kids healthier too. [ more ]

The Greenbelt - Possibility grows here